Product Description

The planning and the construction of a system for the new medical facilities and nursing homes aims at improving the appearance and the functionality of patients’ rooms, as well as obtaining easier and more efficient installations.

NEW LIFE reduces the “hospital effect” of the room. Furthermore, our ornamental lighting structures are classified as class I medical devices and they can be equipped with systems of nurse call or other electricity consumptions.

NEW LIFE can be installed as a single bed or it can be integrated in the “TOTEM” version with IIb class medical devices belonging to the VERTIGO group. NEW LIFE can be personalized in all RAL colour tones (two – coloured as well) or, as more frequently required, with certified films covering (3M), with a faux wood texture or other types of effects.

The equipment can have conventional fluorescent lighting with T5 tubes or high – efficiency LED plates, with DALI – PUSH dimmers that enable the regulation of the light beam from 0 to 100%.

Class I medical device with CE marking

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