Product Description

The system capable of changing course to meet new needs of Flexibility and Service.

This system changes the concept of monolithic bed heads. It is capable of assuming various forms in order to meet specific functional and aesthetical requirements.
The development of the project was based on an electric, flexible, modular and prefabricated system, industrialized for the first time in the electromedical sector by Teknolit Flaven.
The electrical wiring system of the bed-head can in fact be made both with cables and the use of electrified sheaths that can power lights, sockets and other services thanks to rapid power connections. This technique allows to easily change the form of
the product and the number of beds.

Classe IIb
Certif. N° 1170/MDD

From the market to product: the Teknolit Flaven Solution
For each version indicated, system H holds the perfect solution for hospital rooms, decorating the environment and offering the best possible aid to medical activity and patient assistance.
The excellent quality/price ratio, besides the aesthetic value and great adaptability of the system satisfy the different needs for utilization and market requirements.

Advantages of System H

  • Maximum structural flexibility
  • Adaptability to the environment and to the client’s functional needs
  • Wide arrangement of parts
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Easy reconfiguration of the appliance
  • Saving of costs and installation and maintenance time
  • Project based on the technical and economic needs of the client
  • Rapid delivery

Configuration of the system and functional aspects
System H is made up of various parts and supplied with a variety of accessories which, thanks to the different possible combinations, give three versions of the product.
The system is made up of:
Back distribution (1)
Lighting-technique module (2)
Medical gas conduit (3)

Lighting technique module either wall-towall or just over the bed.
Miniblock with gas conduit or module makes up the electromedical module the ratio cost/effectiveness really excellent..



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