Product Description

Simple, economical, fast: sailing over the waves of friendly light.
Specially designed for rest-homes and homes for the elderly. It combines simplicity and maximum practicality with economic advantage.
Average weight 8 Kgs/linear Mt
Class I insulation
MDD 93/42 classification: class 1

Structural and mechanical aspects
Its simple shape and smooth surface avoids dust formation and facilitates cleaning operations.

The cover, placed in a vertical position, can be personallized by choosing colours, materials, and sockets and plugs.
Control equipment, electrical sockets and other required services (telephone, loud-speakers, EDP etc.) are installed on the cover.
Inside the rounded upper and lower extremities of the appliance, two polycarbonate (VO class) transparent and internally furrowed screens house the direct and indirect light groups.
Wall installation denotes simplicity.

Since no mechanical accessory is necessary, installation requires the use of dowels to fasten the back of the appliance to the wall.



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