Product Description

EUROPLYNET was studied to be used in elderly people’s homes and/or communities. Its innovative appearance distinguishes it from other products existing on the market, making TESTALETTO EURO PLYNET unique of its kind. The structure is made of extruded aluminium painted with epoxy powders; the light diffusers are made of transparent scratched anti-dazzling polycarbonate.
Each appliance can contain two fluorescent tubes with a G13 base (with 18W/30W/36W power). One of the glass tubes is equipped with an aluminium reflector in order to diffuse light in a single direction.
The innovative feature is represented by the possibility to rotate the body holding the lamps, allowing in this way to orient the beam of light in any direction.
Alternatively, it is possible to produce Testaletto EURO PLYNET with a fluorescent tube with 2 E14 bases useful to supply for example a white night light (max 15W) and a compact fluorescent reading light.

In the front part, the light controls, the device to call the nurse, the electricity sockets and whatever the client might ask, can be installed.

The standard conformations referred to lamps 2x18W, 2x30W, 2x36W with the relative dimensions have been highlighted in the enclosed draw page 26. Alternatively, another version (1 bi-socket, 2 switches, a pullbutton for calling a nurse) and the version without outlets, for which the light control is externally operated.



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