Product Description

Teknolit Flaven srl presents a system modifying the concept of the monolithic bed, since it permits the maximum flexibility of parts and components so as to satisfy specific functional and aesthetic necessities.

The bed head unit belonging to “the VERTIGO group TEK model” is the most recent and therefore the most advanced expression of Teknolit Flaven’s experience in the branch of medical devices.

The equipment looks compact, not very considerable in size. In it there are all the distribution, control and communication services required by the customer.

Its aesthetic minimalism and our flexibility in meeting our customers’ needs are the important features to assure the adaptability of this system to the necessities of comfort and reception in the hospital rooms.

Vertigo Tek beam, “TOTEM structured” with the insertion of EUROPLYNET lighting units, makes possible to serve two beds at the same time for those consumptions like nurse calling, power outlets, phone and data jacks, equipotential sockets of earth, lightings control and ambient lightings.

With the Vertigo Tek solution, the equipment installation and maintenance will be easier, often with no further building structure’s procedures required to install the bed head beams.

* The bed head unit is made of extruded aluminum painted with expory powder

* The equipment is free of roughness and with rounded edges

* The module is equipped with snap – on cover and with an easy tool to reach the inner parts

Class IIb medical device – CE 0051 marking Certificate nr. 1601/MDD



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